Rules of Conduct - Flat Rock INN
Camping Rules and ATV Rules at Watercrosses

These new rules are to ensure that our events are family friendly and safe.
If you don't like them - STAY AWAY!

Camping Rules

  1)  Speed limit on the grounds is 10MPH for all motorized vehicles, including ATV's, dirt bikes,
      motorcycles, cars, trucks ( in general - any and all motorized vehicle). NO vehicles will be   
      allowed to roam the grounds after 9PM.

  2)  Campfires must be 20' from trees. Flames no higher than 2'. Chunk fire wood only - no
      construction debris. All fires must be contained in fire rings.

  3)  No excessive noise (loud music, loud generators, yelling, hollering, etc.) after 11PM.

  4)  No fireworks or fire crackers.

   5)  No one under the age of 21 is to consume alcohol on the premises. Everyone must wear
      their wristbands at all times.

   6)  Any ATV's driving outside the grounds must be legally registered and insured for NY.

   7)  Keep trash picked and and put in barrels.

   8)  No glass containers.

   9)  No firearms.

 10) Pets are to be kept on a leash or tied at all times. You must clean up after your pet. Rabies
      certificate required.

 11) No One is allowed on the island.

 12) During the races, nothing moves on the pit side of the pond (vehicles of any kind) except
      officials, pit crews and racers.

 13) No people or pets allowed in the pond from the time practice begins at approximately 10AM
      until all racing is finished at approximately 5PM.

 14) Children in or near the pond must be properly attended. Children under the age of 16 must be
      under adult supervision at all times.

 15) Respect others and their property. This is not your back yard, so please show RESPECT.

ATV Rules at Watercrosses

  1)  Anyone with an ATV or dirt bike will park in  areas designated   for camping or spectators.

  2)  ATV's, dirt bikes , etc. are no longer allowed to roam the grounds. Anyone caught around the
     pond, outside of designated ATV areas will be removed from the event.

 3)  Once in camping area, ATV's will enter and exit by the main driveway - at the gate only!

 4)  All ATV's, dirt bikes, etc. are to have passes displayed at all times.

 5)  Any ATV's, dirt bikes or any other motorized vehicles observed riding in a reckless manor
     (wheelies, drag racing, jumping, tearing things up, etc.) will be removed from the grounds

 6)  The speed limit, on the grounds, for any motorized vehicle is 10 MPH.

 7)  No revving or noise making from any motorized vehicle between the hours of 9PM and 8AM.
     All motorized vehicles are to be parked by 9PM.

 8)  All ATV's, dirt bikes, motorcycles, etc. are to be registered and insured for NY.

    NOTE - Failure to abide by these rules will result in removal from the grounds and possible arrest.

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